Alaska’s Clean Coal

ComputerCurrently, the only producing coal mine in Alaska is the Usibelli Coal Mine in Healy. There are six existing coal power plants in Alaska, and each one is fueled by coal from the Usibelli mine. Testing performed on Usibelli’s coal shows it has many characteristics that help it burn cleanly:

  • EPA data show that Usibelli’s coal has the lowest sulfur content of any rank of coal from any state (Source: EPA 1999 Information Collection Request State/Fuel Rank Analytical Summary).
  • Coal from the Usibelli mine is subbituminous. EPA’s data shows that subbituminous coal has about 20 percent less mercury per Btu (British Thermal Unit) than bituminous coal.
  • EPA data also shows that Usibelli coal contains less than half the chlorine of other subbituminous coals.
  • Usibelli coal has low nitrogren content, resulting in lower nitrous oxide being produced from combustion.
  • Usibelli coal has a high calcium content, which gives it excellent performance in equipment designed to clean exhaust emissions.

These environmental attributes make Healy coal increasingly attractive as an efficient, clean energy source.

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